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Commitment to Community

Community has always been the cornerstone of the Pain Management Center of Meridian. Since our inception, we have been fortunate to provide support for communities locally and globally. 

For several years, Dr. Pasha assisted his parents in Pakistan and their charitable organization which provides educational assistance to disadvantaged students. Dr. Pasha provided funds for room, board, and tuition expenses to put these deserving students through elementary, middle, and high school, in addition to funding college education. Countless patients and students have been helped by this charitable endeavor.


Pain Management Center of Meridian proudly sponsored the Anderson Cup Road Race in 2011 and 2012, which raises funds for Ascent for a Cure. Ascent For A Cure is a foundation dedicated to raising awareness and funding for Parkinson's disease, founded by Meridian's own Adam Hodges. 


Pain Management Center of Meridian donated a sizable contribution to the Anderson Cancer Patient Benevolence Fund in 2018. The Cancer Patient Benevolence Fund was created to help local cancer patients with special needs not paid by insurance such as transportation assistance, prosthesis, medicine assistance, lymphedema supplies, and durable medical equipment.


In 2019, Pain management Center of Meridian donated a Honda Insight vehicle for the Kiss Cancer Goodbye Campaign, powered by the Anderson Regional Cancer Center. The Anderson Region Cancer Center is responsible for philanthropic efforts, such as the Kiss Cancer Goodbye Campaign and the Cancer Patient Benevolence Fund, which strive to raise funds for cancer research and provide assistance to cancer patients and their families.

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