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Spinal Cord Stimulation
What are Freedom® Stimulators?

The Freedom® Stimulators provide a revolutionary solution for treating pain in any part of the body. Freedom® Stimulators are the world's smallest devices created for spinal cord stimulation. This treatment method is an effective way to achieve long-term pain relief without the risks associated with opioid medications. 

How does spinal cord stimulation work?

A flexible micro-stimulator is introduced into the body and placed closely to the nerves causing your pain. The device is activated by a wearable antenna that transmits power to the micro-stimulator, giving you the power to control your pain relief. Using a mobile device, you can control your stimulation from the device, which acts on your nerves and blocks the painful signals from reaching your brain.

What pain can this procedure treat?

Most spinal cord stimulators are used to treat back and leg pain, specifically. However, the Freedom® Stimulator's peripheral indication allows its technology to treat a broad variety of pain including migraines, carpel tunnel syndrome, previous knee/hip/shoulder replacement, severe ankle pain, and much more. 

What sets the Freedom® Stimulators apart?


The Freedom® Stimulator is the smallest implanted stimulator system in the world. Introduced through a needle, it is the epitome of minimally invasive procedure and defines true Wireless Pain Relief.

Wearable Technology

The Wearable Antenna is externally worn and transmits the power and instructions to the Freedom® Stimulator. Small, sleek, and fashionable. It is wearable technology that conforms into your daily life.

Accessible Programming

Designed with user ease in mind, the simple stimulation interface is available for use through modern iOS mobile devices. 

Pain Management Center of Meridian Spinal Cord Stimulation Center of Excellence

In 2019, the Pain Management Center of Meridian made history as the first clinic in Mississippi to offer the Freedom® Spinal Cord Stimulator system. Shortly after, the Pain Management Center of Meridian was designated a Freedom® Stimulator Center of Excellence.

Interested in spinal cord stimulation treatment? Contact us to learn more.

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